Hi there! I’m Cydney. Welcome to my small slice of heaven…errr…I mean, the internet! It’s tasty (98.5% of the time) & messy (ALL of the time), honesty is key here! If I’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that some of the very best recipes come after a failed attempt…or two. We’re all human, right? That’s what keeps it fun!

Food has always been a love of mine…however helping to make said food was an acquired taste I learned to enjoy in my mid-teen years. Ever since then, there’s been no turning back. What started as helping my grandma put together the most festive holiday fruit or veggie platters you’ve ever laid eyes on, grew into spending time helping my mom cook & bake for the holidays, birthdays, get togethers with friends and family, or a casual Saturday night with nothing better to do. At this point I am confident I can make the jolliest bunch of iced Christmas sugar cookies you’ve ever seen, start to finish, in my sleep. It’s my speciality! If it’s not apparent yet…the holidays are my favorite & I LOVE a good crafty holiday treat. Forever a kid at heart.

I also dabble in the occasional charcuterie board, it’s like arts and crafts in food form. Now pair it with a glass of wine. NAME A BETTER DUO!

The more I’ve learned from my mom & grandma over the years, the more I wanted to experiment on my own and hoped I’d be able to cook & bake for my own family one day. Fast forward to today…I’m married with 3 dog children, 4 chicken children, (and our very own human baby on the way)…and one thing I hold near & dear to my heart is being able to keep the family fed & trying new things!

Beyond the kitchen, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling, scary movie marathons, weekends at the lake, the months that end in -BER, and anything that contains home and DIY in the same sentence. My newest hobby is attempting to learn every. single. thing. that I possibly can about babies before I have one of my own in a few short months. To say I’m PUMPED would be a major understatement!

We are currently growing our roots in our hometown in good ole Indiana. Lots of cornfields, steamy summers and chilly winters. Close by to lots of family and friends, who we enjoy spending time with as much as possible!

So here we are…I figured what better way to keep myself motivated to continue being creative in the kitchen, than to hold myself accountable by sharing with the world my newest favorite recipes, mixed in with some of the tried & true. From comfort foods to holiday cuisine, to desserts & cocktails, and everything in between. Some healthy, and some down right decadent, because it’s all about balance, right? With the help of my trusty KitchenAid mixer (my most prized possession handed down from my grandma)…here goes nothing! Welcome to my crazy kitchen!

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